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Incredible customer service experience December 18, 2022

Explorer C

Early Sunday morning, Dec. 18, 2022, I arrived at the Oakland, CA airport with NO FLIGHT back to Boise, ID to get away from my abusive, controlling boyfriend. I went to the frequent flyer line where I was first waited on by a gentleman named Mike. He knew I was frazzled and could sense it was very personal and I was upset. He said "are you OK?" I said, no, I just need a ticket back home to Boise. He said "can I get you a water", I said, "no thank you, I just want to get a ticket home please". He went to work however his computer wouldn't allow him to buy me a ticket so he jumped over to the other attendant who's name is Flo, short for Florence. She too saw my distress. She quickly got me a ticket then reached down and handed me a homemade cookie. She then walked out from behind the desk and gave me a big, sincere hug and said "you're a strong woman, you got this". I cried. Mike too said "you got this". I am BEYOND grateful for those 2 amazing Southwest Employees!! Sending love and hugs back to both of them...

Colleen H. 


Re: Incredible customer service experience December 18, 2022

Aviator A

wow. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are OK now.


You could try to get Flo and Mike some recognition  from Southwest by telling your story directly to the airline. Click on "contact us" below" to proceed.