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Is there any benefit in A-list any more?????

Explorer C

I'm not "frequent" flier- but do fly once or twice a month. This year, I have focused my travel with Southwest in order to reach A-list status.  Now I'm wondering why? When I had A-list last year, there were flights I rec'd A-45 as my "status" boarding assignment -And there is little point in "upgrading" boarding when my flights  usually originate elsewhere. Now with the rampant abuse of pre-boarders and seat-savers ( worse than last year)- I'm thinking of changing my favorite airline to one with assigned seating.


Is there any other reason to pursue A-list? Talk me into remaining loyal to Southwest...


Re: Is there any benefit in A-list any more?????

Aviator A

Gimme a break.


You still get better boarding spots (and seats) than everyone who does not preboard.

Re: Is there any benefit in A-list any more?????

Frequent Flyer A

Ultimately whether you stay with SWA has got to be your decision based on benefits you perceive you receive.

For Me, personally, The primary benefit is about the # of non-stop direct flights that are available from my home airport. I can literally travel anywhere I need to for business, domestically,  without changing planes or making a connection.  

That's about it and that's what is important to me.

The clownish abuse of the boarding process is a problem, but as long as I have status I'll live with it.

Weigh the scales for yourself and safe travels


Re: Is there any benefit in A-list any more?????

Explorer A

I enjoy the companion pass. It saves me a lot of money. Getting a great boarding position and the extra drink per flight is a win. I have no complaints. 

Re: Is there any benefit in A-list any more?????

Explorer C

Lucky you! If most of my flights were direct, it would be a no-brainer - unfortunately, most are not... Thanks!

Re: Is there any benefit in A-list any more?????

Adventurer C

The benefit has been greatly deluded because of massive preboard abuse. When my current companion pass expires I am leaving SWA over this.

Re: Is there any benefit in A-list any more?????

Aviator C

SoCalFlyer97 is going to chime in as I'm wrapping up my first full year as an A-Lister. I have also completed my 20th flight recently for 2024 which requalifies me through the end of 2025.


20240522_064221 (2).jpg


I can state for certainty that the A-List perks are saving me some good time and tons of money aboard flights as before A-List, I've had to utilize the WGA+ fare for the Same Day Flight Change benefit (and also Free Standby before it was bundled into WGA last year) and bought Upgraded Boarding whenever I got assigned a back-in-the-B position or further which checking in at 24-hours prior. Sometimes, Upgraded Boarding added $40-50 to the bill but it was well worth it for me back then; thus I bought it. Having not used EBCI, I was also at the mercy of having to stop what I'm doing to check-in exactly at 24-hours prior for flights before getting A-List.


Here's my take of the A-List perks:


Priority boarding: That's essentially free EBCI but being placed ahead of the EBCI group and non-A-List Anytime fares, behind business select, those with Upgraded Boarding, and ALP's. Yes, I have had my share of flights where the plane was full of ALP's and A-Listers had a deep-in-the-A spot but all of my placements have been somewhere in the A-Group except for one trip which was a very early B placement. A-Listers have the "A61" benefit for those who did not get an "A" spot and lately, I've observed A-Listers being cleared to board before Family Boarding and Military.


Still plenty of whole rows of windows and aisles and empty bin space toward the back of the plane for "A61", even aboard through-flights and trips with a high pre-board count.


25% earning bonus: Self explanatory.




Same-day Flight change: I've had to use this benefit a few times and having the "A61" benefit meant not having to be at the mercy of Upgraded Boarding for good seating after making the change nor paying the WGA+ fare for the perk.




Priority Lane and Express Lane: LUV having Front-of-the-line benefits at the check-in counter should I need to chat with an agent following a flight disruption or other matter. Or if I need to check anything. SoCalFlyer97 has Global Entry has not needed to use the TSA Checkpoint Priority Express Lane just yet but you'll never know...Hopefully they'll have the option of feeding the Priority Express Lane into the PreCheck lane one day as they now do for CLEAR as sometimes there's a line for PreCheck. However, for any A-Lister without PreCheck, CLEAR, or Global...this benefit is well worth it!


Dedicated A-List member phone line: I've called them up a few times and like the short hold times.




Also like @parpitt1 Southwest serves multiple non-stop departures daily for the SoCal market to destinations at North Cal, to Vegas and to PHX that no other carrier has.


Is there any benefit in A-list for SoCalFlyer97? Absolutely. No question about it. I'm sure those with ALP status can also share their moments of the added perks too. Do I have a wish list so that it competes better with the other airlines? Yes, but I'm thankful that I'm able to save a bundle thanks to its current benefits.


Hope this helps!