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Late gate arrival!

New Arrival

If i'm a last minute Larry, whats the latest I can arrive at my gate and still get on the plane?


Re: Late gate arrival!

New Arrival

It's best to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time, as you'll be able to beat the boarding process. If you're really a 'last minute Larry' - 10 minutes before the flight is the very latest that I'd show up, to be sure you get on your flight! I hope that helps! ✈️☺️

Re: Late gate arrival!

New Arrival

Boarding will begin at 30 min prior, so make sure you're there even before that. If you're not in the gate area 10 min prior and you have not cancelled your flight, it will be automatically cancelled and your funds will be forfeited. So be sure to arrive with plenty of time!!

Re: Late gate arrival!

Active Member

Arrive to the gate as early as you can and try not to be late! If the stand-by list is longer, they will delete your boarding pass in order clear people off of stand-by. I recommend, the latest you should arrive is 15 minutes before departure.