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Negative covid test needed

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I am very disappointed with Southwest Airlines because I was told the day before my flight that I needed a negative covid test prior to boarding the plane. I was told the state that I was entering was requiring negative tests but I was not aware that I needed one prior to boarding. When I spoke to customer service on the phone to verify, the gentleman stated that my daughter and I would NOT be able to board the plane without the negative test and to click onto the link of each states travel restrictions. I kept asking him if I needed to show proof of the test after arriving to the new state and he insisted it was PRIOR to boarding. This whole conversation should have been recorded which I have proof of date and time. My daughter and I spent half the day driving around trying to get a rapid covid test which would have been covered by insurance had I known days in advance. Not to mention it was my daughters birthday and I wasted half her day to drive around trying to locate a rapid testing center .  I really don't understand why Southwest would give false information.  Somebody at Southwest needs to be held accountable 


Re: Negative covid test needed

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I guess I am confused..... if you were prepared to show test results upon arriving in another state... would you not have those results before boarding the flight to go to that state?


I am not criticizing you.... I really am trying to understand the issue.



Re: Negative covid test needed

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Airlines are only passing along the information from states and local governments.  The airlines themselves are not requiring tests and are not the ones validating or viewing tests.  If a government agency says to tell passengers a test is required then Southwest is passing along that message.  If the government agency fails to actually check the test then that's on the government agency, not the airline.



Re: Negative covid test needed

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I think you are mistaken - no airline is requiring a negative COVID test in order to fly domestically. The exception is if you are traveling internationally into the United States. Then a negative test is required. 


This policy has been in place since January 12. 



Re: Negative covid test needed


@kk7447, Southwest only requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test when entering the U.S. from an international location, and I sincerely apologize for any miscommunication. As a peer-to-peer forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but I encourage you to Contact Customer Relations to discuss your situation. Thank you. 

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