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Re: People of Size

Explorer C

I am so saddened reading some of these comments. I am a plus size person and just purchased my first flight ever. When buying my ticket i had no clue about this extra seat. Had I known I would have gotten another. I am a plus sized women because of a medical condition. Not because I want to be and eat all the time. I have health issues. So fit you people who talk such crap. Maybe pray for that big person. I would love the prayers that someday I can be skinny and perfect like y’all. These comments has me scared to death to get on my flight next Tuesday. But in order to go where I need to go I have no choice. Driving is not an option for me. Anyone who is large that reads this. Thank you. Y’all have a good night now and God Bless. 

Re: People of Size

Aviator C

I would think that a plus sized person also doesn’t want to be that close to a stranger. Why would they want their body touching you? Try to remain calm and make the best out of the situation. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion