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Policy suggestion on passengers with disabilities

Explorer C

It is respectful to make air travel easier those with physical impairments that require wheelchairs or, like my brave proud mother, who refused a wheelchair and walked holding my hand and leaning from time to time. I would not take that away from her.

My almost 90 mother refused that wheelchair because she felt disrespected by the obviously not impaired persons lined up to get on first who then leaped off and deplaned with no wheelchair sometimes running and laughing the whole way. 

Recently we observed three men traveling together, the man around 50 with two thirtyish aged younger guys. After exiting TSA they stopped in front of us. One said, hey we forgot to call for a wheelchair. Arriving at the gate, there were the three in the disabled line, with the 50ish gentleman in a wheelchair, front of the line, with his companions. They all three ran off the plane upon landing. 

To allow this is to disrespect the disabled, and humiliate them into associating with this crass, exhibition of low morality. 


The law is the law. 



safety first for our passengers needing a wheelchair or extra time—board first. SW yo ensure safety of these special passengers and avoid the accidents between deplaning passengers and waiting wheelchairs upon arrival should deplane all other passengers so disabled can deplane safely from a nearly empty plane upon landing. Too risky for someone boarding in a wheelchair to be allowed to deplane without one. 


Safety is a good public policy and solves the abuse problem at the sane time! 


Re: Policy suggestion on passengers with disabilities

Aviator A

That's Illegal per a piece of federal legislation called the Air Carrier Access Act.


If you want the terms changed contact your congresspersons and senators and tell them you want the law changed.


:Lotsa luck with that.

Re: Policy suggestion on passengers with disabilities

Frequent Flyer B

and what if there is a short turn around time for a disabled person to get to their next flight?  You expect them to be last off the plane and then try to hurry to their next gate?  


I think you should have to show your disability parking tag to be able to board in the group. Anyone with a legit disability would be able to get this easily through their Doctor.