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Poort visibility of Travel date

Explorer C

Just take a look at this, the travel date, which is the most important date is such small fonts, almost impossible to find on a busy email.  Whats the point of making everthing else made nicely visible except the customer finds it hard to see the trave date.  And why note show the travel date also in big bold characters like Flight# etc.  It would make sense for SW to make this simple change so that people won't miss the travel date.  Also, why not add the travel weekday - so passengers are not likely to miss the flights?  







Re: Poort visibility of Travel date

Aviator A

since this is  customer t customer forum, you  are better off making your suggestion directly to the airline.

Re: Poort visibility of Travel date

Frequent Flyer A

You can also share it via social media DMs too, if it helps. Sorry we can't assist with it here.

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