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Preboarding with Family

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Next month I am traveling with 3 other adult famiy members and my 4 month old son. I know that I can preboard with my baby, but I'm wondering if the other adult family members in my party will be able to preboard with me as well?


Re: Preboarding with Family

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Actually, Family Boarding is not preboarding, it's between the A and B boarding groups. It's technically limited to one adult traveling with a child six years old or younger, but some agents allow multiple family members to board together at that time. Preboarding is for passengers with a disability that have specific seating needs and/or need assistance in boarding the aircraft. Your best bet in order to board together is to check in right at 24 hours prior to departure and hopefully receive A boarding positions. Good luck!

Re: Preboarding with Family

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I've been on a Southwest flight where a woman asked to board in the family group even though her daughters were both teenagers.  The agent agreed to let her.  Now Southwest can cop-out on the saving seats issue by saying that they have no policy but they have a very specific policy about family boarders and typically choose not to enforce it.  

Re: Preboarding with Family

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I think it was an honest question about what the procedure is from someone not familiar with Southwest @Pharmgirl99.


But yes - family boarding is beetween A and B groups, if you didn't already get A boarding passes due to prompt check-in time, Early Bird, A-list, or other means. One person along with young child, although we've generally had both parents go at the same time if I didn't use my A-list position.


Preboarding is for medical conditions that cause someone to need more time or assistance, difficulty standing/walking, etc.


Check in with the gate agent ahead of time and they will help you navigate the situation.


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Re: Preboarding with Family

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Preboarding is also for people who want better seats and just fake a reason to get on, or those who need a miracle flight and get healed in the air resulting in their medical condition being cured on exit.... only until the next flight of course.