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Question on young traveler

Explorer C

Hi. So recently I will be taking a flight to Nebraska at age 15. I will be flying there with an adult, but the flight back I will be flying alone. My flight back has a layover at a big airport. My parents are questioning my trip and wondering what all we can do to ensure I stay safe and I make my flight on time since I have never flown before. Anything helps... Thanks. 🙂


Re: Question on young traveler

Aviator A

You should be fine.


Watch what is going on on your outbound flight when you have an adult with you. If anything seems confusing ask the adult about it.


Your return trip should be similar.


Since the airline is allowing "no charge" changes right now, you may want to check whether or not a nonstop might be available for your return flight.

Re: Question on young traveler

Aviator A

Just remember you can ask any Southwest employee, TSA agent, or police officer for help.  Southwest employees will be in various uniforms, but they will be at the check in counter, gate area, and probably walking around, especially if it is a bigger airport.  Most of the time a connection is required on Southwest you aren’t going very far, sometimes it’s the gate next door or sometimes it’s a little bit of a walk. You won’t have to make a big journey to connect.  I’d suggest skipping headphones or any other distractions while you are trying to figure out where to go and it’s always good to pay attention to announcements at the gate area and on the plane.  Some announcements are routine, but occasionally something import such as a gate change or delay is said and you don’t want to miss that. Since you’ll have company on the first trip use that time to observe the process and ask questions if you have them. You’ll basically be doing the same steps, even if it is a different airport, it’s all basically the same. Flying is a great experience and has brought much joy to my life.  I hope you have a great trip, please don’t hesitate to ask any specific questions that you might have.


Oh, I almost forgot...bring snacks! And some money for a drink or an empty water bottle you can fill in the airport would be a good idea too.  If you have a tablet or phone, download the Southwest app so you can watch TV on the plane.  Window seats are fun too, that’s arguably the best show available.