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Shoutout to ATL employees!!!

New Arrival

I can’t find a way to compliment your 2 employees so I’m hoping this gets to someone in the ATL airport. June 27, 2021 my aunt was flying to Jamaica and we were having some issues with getting her registered for Jamaica’s travel screening. Needless to say, it was looking hopeless for her making that flight, but the ticket agent (CSA) Susan and Manager Otis Kerr were SO patient, kind, helpful and literally went out of there way to help my aunt. I cannot speak highly of them. Two outstanding employees who kept their composure despite the business of the morning! They went above and beyond the call of duty!!! I really wish I remembered Susan’s last name, but Mr. Kerr will know who she is! Please I’m hoping that they will get recognition and someone will see this! I know what it’s like, I worked for Alaska Airlines as a Team Lead and working with the public during a pandemic can be tricky. But again they were professional!!! You all have been amazing during this time and everyone deserves to get a raise!!

Can’t wait to join the Southwest family one day!


Re: Shoutout to ATL employees!!!

Top Contributor

The best way to ensure that they get recognition is to contact customer relations about their excellent service