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Stolen Items

Explorer C

So my CHECKED luggage was broken into and items stolen last night upon arrival home from Jamaica and Southwest Airlines said they're not responsible because they don't inventory luggage before its checked but I can't carry on what was STOLEN from me!!! 🤬🤬🤬 They basically said they don't Care and offered me a $75 voucher when my gold bottle of Tom Ford perfume was $200 alone and I have receipts!!

These items were in my cosmetic case Tucked in my packed tight luggage and my pink Beats pill speaker, my Samsung charger (the reason I opened luggage), some clothes, my items were wet because they threw the open containers from case back in with someone elses stuff that doesn't belong to me!!!


Re: Stolen Items

Aviator A

In the United States TSA is the agency that screens bags and often opens them, not the airlines.  Since you were in Jamaica you should be directing your complaint towards whoever handles the security screening there, not Southwest.  I'm surprised Southwest gave you anything.





Re: Stolen Items

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that you had some stuff stolen.


The problem is establishing exactly who is responsible. Airport employees, not Southwest employees,had access to your bags at two different airports. Southwest employees 

had access to your bags at two different airports. TSA and it's Jamaican counterpart had access to your bags.


Who is the guilty party? There is no way to know.


The general rule is "NEVER put expensive stuff, meds, or stuff you really can't afford to lose

in checked  baggage.

Re: Stolen Items

Frequent Flyer A

So sorry to hear this as well.

My wife learned this lesson the hard way a few years ago in Beleze, Items were stolen from her luggage and there was nothing SW could do about thieves working in a foreign country's airport customs area.  A good rule of thumb, If it's valuable keep it on your person or leave it at home.