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TSA supervisor

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I send this letter to TSA: I am writing to express my concern about an unfortunate incident that took place on 5/22/2023 at Orlando international, southwest involving a TSA agent during a security check for a Southwest Airlines flight.

My 11 yearold son and I were going through security when a small box of Walmart sparklers, which were unknowingly packed in my son's carryon bag, were discovered. I understand and appreciate the TSA's commitment to the safety of all passengers and the necessity of regulations regarding prohibited items on flights. However, the way the TSA agent handled the situation was deeply upsetting.

The agent involved reacted in a manner that was unprofessional and distressing. He loudly stated we were attempting to bring illegal fireworks onto a plane and also compared the sparklers to bullets, trying to scare us. The agent put a finger in my face and, rather than simply explaining the situation and the regulations, made a personal attack by calling me a bad father in front of my four young children, one of whom we are celebrating her MakeAWish vacation. This comment was not only hurtful, but it also seems to violate the principles of professionalism and respect that I believe the TSA upholds.

The purpose of this letter is not to challenge the TSA's important security measures, but to bring to light the inappropriate conduct of the agent involved. I believe that passengers should be treated with respect and dignity, even when mistakes are made.

I hope this complaint is taken seriously and that appropriate actions are taken to prevent future incidents of this nature. I look forward to your response and to more positive interactions with the TSA in the future.


Re: TSA supervisor

Aviator A

Sorry to hear you ran in to trouble. Some TSA people are on power trips. You apparently ran in to one of them. 


Sounds like you should complain directly to TSA

Re: TSA supervisor

Frequent Flyer A

You can also DM them on Twitter for possibly faster service too.

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