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Upgraded boarding

Explorer C

I recently purchased upgraded boarding on a flight from Houston to Phoenix, the flight was delayed then cancelled by Southwest Airlines. I was still charged for the upgrade should I receive a refund since it was Southwest who cancelled the flight? 


Re: Upgraded boarding

Aviator A

Sorry your flight was cancelled.  NO FUN!


I believe that Southwest will provide a refund, similar to how they would refund Early Bird Check In for a cancellation!  I do not have any experience with this personally, but you will likely need to reach out to them directly since this is a customer community site.


Use any of the methods via the Contact Us link below, but I personally recommend Twitter.  Send a DM explaining the situation and include your confirmation number.


You can also reach out via the Chat option in the menu of the Southwest app.  It's an easy, quick option!


Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder