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Why would anyone fly..........

Explorer C

I do not understand why anyone would fly any other airline when you have such great benefits -- YOU CAN USE YOUR TICKET UP TO ONE YEAR, TWO BAGS ARE FREE ! ! !


Re: Why would anyone fly..........

Explorer A

That's only the beginning. You forgot to mention that there is no fee to change your flight. So if you book something and 10 minutes later you find out you need to fly a few hours earler... that change costs you exactly $0.


The only time you end up paying to make a change is if you bought a cheap fare (wanna getaway), and then want to change it at the last minute to a flight that only has the higher (anytime) fare available. In that case, you only pay the difference in the fares plus no additional fee. I think it's fair.

Re: Why would anyone fly..........

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Re: Why would anyone fly..........

Explorer C

...any other airline? They wouldn't and shouldn't. 


Now granted, I'm bias since I actually used to work for SWA (decided to pursue other career interests - I was young), and because I only fly them - but there's just no comparison. True, other airlines may:

  • Fly to additional and more exciting/exotic international destinations - but considering that you go back just 7+ years ago when SWA didn't fly to ANY international destinations, and look how far they've come. Give 'em time
  • Have a first class cabin - but then again, how many of us, even on this forum, can afford a first class fare these days? Thus, who cares/moot point
  • Have airport lounges - kinda the same point as above - you'd have to spend some serious bucks to earn a pass - and do you really enjoy 'hanging out' in an airport these days?
  • Use several equipment (aircraft) types - meaning you could end up on a tiny, crappy regional jet - or worse...boarding a REALLY long 757. The 737-700 and -800 are pretty nifty in my book

I could go on, but I truly can't stand the polyester clad, stuffy, always annoyed staff of the legacy carriers, their policies, their fees, their lack of customer service/care, and their uncomfortable airplanes.



A true SWA warrior

Re: Why would anyone fly..........

Explorer C

Southwest is great but they don't go everywhere I need to go. Also, they discontinue direct flights to some Florida cities certain times of the year. I hate to transfer so I will choose a different carrier. Jet Blue is also very good and their snacks are great. I prefer assigned seats. Then people aren't trying to break the rules.


Re: Why would anyone fly..........

Explorer B

My In-Laws frequently use United instead because his work uses United and they use the earned points to fly.  Of course, then they talk about having to shove everything into small suitcases to avoid fees.  I subtley drop hints about free checked bags with Southwest, but they are comfortable with United.  Plus it helps that United flies out of Colorado Springs so it saves them the drive to Denver and parking fees.  I can understand some people using other airlines if Southwest doesn't service their airport yet or they are traveling to a location Southwest doesn't service.


At least I'm converting my husband over to Southwest.  When we flew to visit my family recently, he had to book seperate to come out later and said he didn't mind flying Frontier because it was cheaper out of Denver.  Of course, it was listed as much cheaper....before the hidden fees kicked in.  I ended up using my Southwest perks to get his stuff out with me so he didn't have to pay for a carry-on!  So glad I insisted on flying Southwest.  In the end, it was still cheaper than the "cheap ticket" for Frontier.  I'm sold for life.


Honestly, I think the question is less "Why would anyone fly anything but Southwest?" but rather "Why aren't other airlines following a similar model as Southwest?".

Re: Why would anyone fly..........

Explorer C

I fly either Southwest or American. I travel at least twice a month for work, sometimes weekly, so I have earned status on American that allows me checked luggage at no charge. Southwest is not always the least expensive option, even if I did have baggage fees, and Southwest doesn't always have a flight that fits my schedule. 

Re: Why would anyone fly..........

Explorer C

I have also found that SWA flights are not always the least expensive, esp if you are not checking luggage.


Re: Why would anyone fly..........

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Having the best rewards program ever!!!!   My wife has flown over 65 round trips for free over 6 years because of the Companion Pass and I have not paid for a flight in over 3 years...... All Because Of Points!!  Would never think to use another airline.