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Explorer C

I know there are older discussions on traveling with a bike box but i am trying to understand if Southwest has had a policy change. I have previously flown on Southwest with a bicycle in a hard side case that measures 109 total inches(L+W+H) which weighs 47 lbs and paid a $75.00 fee. I was told by a friend that Southwest now does not allow anything over 80 total inches to be checked as baggage and must be shipped as cargo by a known carrier. I have called the Southwest help number and was told that I could fly with it but it would be $175.00 even though the website does indeed state that anything over 80 total inches is a no go. I just don't want to show up at check in traveling to a race and told sorry, you can go but the bike can't. Anyone have any solid information on this.




Adventurer C

Hi there! The policy on the SWA website is clear. I would NEVER trust anything an agent tells me over the phone that contradicts what is clearly stated on the website. If there are conflicting opinions between agents once you get to the airport, they're going to stick with what's in the written policy.


  • Bicycles (defined as non-motorized and having a single seat) properly packed in a bicycle box or hard case from 51 to 100 pounds in weight or 63 to 80 inches in total dimensions. Pedals and handlebars must be removed and packaged in protective materials so as not to be damaged by or cause damage to other baggage. Bicycles packaged in cardboard or soft-sided cases will be transported as limited release items. Bicycles over 100 pounds in weight and/or 80 inches in total dimensions cannot be checked as baggage and can only be shipped as Cargo if the Customer is a Known Shipper.