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Worst Customer Serice EVER!

Explorer C

I travel some by air but my wife does not very often travel by air and when she does she is quite nervous and edgy. Unfortunately she is traveling by herself due to her fathers failing health. So I took her to the RDU airport to help send her off. We got the kiosk and I can say coming for the IT world, the interface is almost the WORST that I have ever seen. The touch screen was horrible and it took us 6 times to enter her reservation number. Once in the screens are confusing for those not familiar with them. The screens should be very simple and straight forward. 2 bag are free!  great but that screen was confusing and it seemed , even after reading it, that we were to indicate any EXTRA bags. So in error we put 0, Ok our fault. We proceeded through the steps and done. Nothing prints nothing happens.  I walk away think the SW lady will hand her tags for the bags and her boarding pass (yes old school she likes her paper ticket). I sit and way for my wife to come to me with tears streaming down her face. The Southwest person was not just rude but abusive in addressing the bag issue and handing my wife her boarding pass. This is NOT what Southwest is about and this employee should not be reprimanded but fired! Her job is customer service not customer abuse. I have never had this all my years of travel with Southwest. My wife was already upset about going to see her very sick father and now this. I was going to give her my thoughts but my wife just wanted to get going. Plus the woman must have taken her break because she was no longer at the counter. Quite frankly I don't care if she was busy, worked all morning, missing her break, worked through lunch or had fight with her mate that morning before coming to work. Her job as a customer service person at Southwest is to SMILE and BE POLITE to all travelers. I do not know here name but I can provide a description and the time she was their abusing customers.


Re: Worst Customer Serice EVER!

Aviator A

Sorry to hear your wife had issues.


She can complain directly to SW by clicking on contact us (below) and proceeding.

Re: Worst Customer Serice EVER!

Aviator A

I understand you're frustrated at the situation, but it is quite rude to demand that people smile for you.  How do you know the employee's father wasn't having health issues?  Oh that's right, you don't care.  Having just used a kiosk in the past day I don't agree at all with your assessment about the interface, but as was suggested earlier you can provide your feedback directly to Southwest.  If it were me I would stick with the constructive feedback about the kiosk and leave out everything else.