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early bird check-in

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just looking to see what booking class Z is meaning?


Re: early bird check-in

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Booking class is just the fare "bucket" that you purchased your flight in. it's more for the airlines accounting department. There are only so many tickets in a given fare class then the letter changes as the price changes. The biggest thing that matters when it comes to fare class is if you want to take an earlier flight on the day of departure you would need to have paid for the anytime or Business Select ticket if you bought the wanna get away ticket you would need to upgrade to the anytime fare.



Re: early bird check-in

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As @chgoflyer said in a post from 2019, "Booking class codes on Southwest are essentially meaningless to the customer".


Unlike other airlines where consumers can look at booking class codes to determine all sorts of information, that's just not the case with Southwest.