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I think it would be really helpful to have the departure time listed in the timezone you are departing from. For example, I booked my round trip flight to the West coast while I was in the East Coast. My return trip selection displayed at a 9:00 am departure - this was the time it would be on the East Coast, but the reality is that my flight from the West coast would depart at 6:00 am. In order to make the flight I have to get up a 3:00 PST. When, at first glance you think you have to depart for the airport at 6:00 am.


It would be helpful if there were some way to provide this information - that the selection I made would be for a 6 am departure in the timezone I was departing from.


Re: flight booking

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@sgerred I’m confused. Flights are indeed displayed with both the departure and arrival times showing in the local time zones of the respective arrival and departure. 

In other words, when you book a flight from west coast to east coast, the departure time will be shown on the SW site as Pacific, and the arrival time will be shown in Eastern.


Keep in mind that if you sync your plans with a calendar on your phone or computer, sometimes those devices don’t adjust time zones automatically.


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Re: flight booking

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Hopefully you didn't get up at 3am for a 9am departure, that would be an awful way to start the trip. As @elijahbrantley all times displayed are local to the airport you will be at.



Re: flight booking

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If your return flight from the west coast was supposed to depart at 9AM, that would be 9AM PT, not ET.