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Re: overcharge for seat upgrade at kiosk

Aviator A

@MarshallbCapps wrote:

I hate to leave SW after all these years but I cannot accept or condone this charge and their lack of concern over this issue.


You cannot accept or condone a charge you made yourself? This is not Southwest's problem. As others have clearly stated, this is a charge you agreed to at the kiosk. I know if it were me, if I saw that I was paying nearly $500 for an upgrade to Business Select, I would have backed out and not paid it. You paid it. This is not the standard "pay X and get an A1-A15 boarding position" which is something you can do at the gate. You literally paid more to upgrade to a different fare, from Wanna Get Away to Business Select. I'm sorry you did not realize that until after you purchased the upgraded fare. 


You don't have a case.