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Customer Complaint With SW In-Flight Service

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I have never ever complained about SW, I love this airline and fly them whenever possible.  I will add that over the years I have been A-List, Preferred A-List and a Companion Pass holder. Sadly, I have reason to launch my first complaint.  On Saturday 4/17 on a flight from Seattle to Phoenix at 7:00 AM, my wife and I boarded our flight and were informed of the curtailed beverage service due to COVID.  Only Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or water was our beverage option.  No coffee for a 7:00 AM fight, really?  That is pushing the COVID excuses a little too far in my book.  Also, I have flown SW 12 pervious times during the COVID pandemic, and never ran into such curtailed service.  But that is not the worst thing, the flight attendant that was making all the announcements informed us that to order our beverage, we need to hold our finger(s) up to identify our beverage choice, such as one finger for coke, two fingers for diet coke, etc...

She continued by saying, we do not need to pull our mask down to speak, we just use our fingers.  And....she actually said this..."we don't want you talking to us!"  My wife and I looked at each other in disbelief at what we just heard. A flight attendant uttering the words, "we don't want you taking to us!"  Wow, just wow!  She then droned on and on and on about the masks, and keeping then on in between bites and, laughably, social distancing in a completely full plane.  The minute we walk in the airport we are bombarded with COVID announcements, and this woman spewed out the COVID rules every damned time she made any kind of announcement.  

From Phoenix we continued on to Fort Lauderdale and aside from the silly reduced  beverage service, the flight attendant  making the announcements, mentioned COVID rules once and moved on to more important business.  Same with the two flights back home yesterday.  


So SW, this attendant and your reduced COVID service has left such a bad taste in my mouth that we are going to give Alaska Airlines a try when we fly to Southern CA next month.  Maybe they will be the same or maybe worse, we shall see.  Everywhere we are seeing more and more COVID restrictions being lifted, but SW seems to be going in the opposite direction.  Some people may like that, others like my wife and I will look elsewhere, so tread carefully SW.


Re: Customer Complaint With SW In-Flight Service

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Since this is a customer to customer forum you may want to contact Southwest directly.


Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Customer Complaint With SW In-Flight Service

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you say you've flown SW 12 times during covid and haven't seen curtailed service like this before well SW just brought back the limited drink service in March so at least you had 4 options for drinks before March you got a cup of water or nothing so your other flights would have been water or nothing unless all of your flights were in the last month and even then its the same drink options on every flight over 251 miles 


Other airlines are slowly bringing back drink service as well. I think Delta just brought it back a couple weeks a go in a zip lock bag. 

Re: Customer Complaint With SW In-Flight Service

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Agreed, It's been water only service since last year across the SWA system on every flight I was on until March 15th. Perhaps there's a bit of confusion on when these flights with coffee service may have taken place?