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Flight to Jax plane 889 experience 7/2/22

Explorer C

Yesterday was one of the worst traveling experiences I have had as far as it pertains to my level of pain and frustrations dealing with my back. I forgot to leave my spine relief pillow out of my checked bag because I thought I wouldn’t need it. I was wrong. After multiple flight delays and things of that nature all across the globe, I was in excruciating pain by the time I got to this flight.


I use wheelchair service because I have a back condition which limits my walking abilities especially on hard flooring or inclines or declines. (Hoping the surgery helps a lot with this) I started arriving earlier to the airports as I also know there are a shortage of wheelchair pushers. (Thank the universe for them)


I got wheeled down to board the plane and I could barely stand to get on as I was in agony. The flight attendants grabbed all of my things and stored them for me. They gave me tissue to wipe my face and a water so I could take my pain meds. (I had been holding off so I could be alert in case another change or flight delay was coming so I missed my scheduled time to take my meds.) The pain was unbearable. I thought I was silently crying to myself as to not bring much more attention. Turbulence throughout and a landing I wasn’t braced for (sound canceling head phones) had my back more inflamed than ever and the hard landing made me let out an ungodly cry sound. I still tried to keep quiet as much as possible on the plane ride.


When I landed, I had to let a minor who was flying alone out first. The flight attendant quietly came to me and said I was their next priority waiting for a wheelchair. The wheelchair arrived and the flight attendants would not let me grab my things. They packed up everything for me and instructed the wheelchair pusher with the sweetest most caring instructions ever. 

I never felt so seen in my silence. I heard the flight attendant whisper, “please go slow and be patient with her. Do not try to grab another rider just focus on her she is in an extreme amount of pain.” Here I am thinking I’m doing everything to minimize attention brought to myself because clearly someone else has it worse than me. But Southwest saw me that night! Southwest made me a priority for them. 

It didn’t stop there. Keajah, was my wheelchair person who volunteered after hearing the instructions from the flight staff to push me. She was super kind and sweet and we even got to take a cute older lady with us through the elevators because she had a cane and luggage. Keajah grabbed my luggage and waited with me for my Lyft driver (3 minutes til arrival). Keajah helped place my luggage in the Car and also gave the lyft driver the exact same instructions the flight staff gave to her. 🙌🏾❤️🤗

I want to thank Southwest for going above and beyond for me this flight as it was very much needed and appreciated. I wish I knew the two flight attendant ladies who were attentive and cared for me on this flight. I understand the shortages and I’m sure you all are getting a lot of complaints from people during this time, but you all captured my whole heart yesterday and I’m grateful. Please make sure the flight attendants see this I wish I was able to get their cash app or something to tip but I couldn’t focus through the pain and couldn’t see through most of the tears in my eyes the entire time. Thank you all for making my day end as beautifully as it could have considering…

A life long customer,


Shaniqua F


Re: Flight to Jax plane 889 experience 7/2/22

Aviator A

This is a customer to customer forum. You should send your comments directly to Southwest. Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message. 



Re: Flight to Jax plane 889 experience 7/2/22

Explorer C

Oh wow thank you I didn’t know! I will now thank you.