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How do we get reimbursement?

Explorer C

I am starting to believe this is the worst airline ever. Me and my husband got married two months ago March 2 I booked a flight from Kansas City to Miami Florida immediately after our wedding.  One month Prior to us leaving Southwest sent me an email asking me to change my flight which I did. So I selected to reroute us to Baltimore, Maryland airport to change flights to Miami Florida from there. Well, the flight from Kansas City was late leaving we arrived at Baltimore Maryland airport late. Once we found where our flight was boarding, that everyone was already on board and the attendants told us that there was only one seat left on the flight. We could not board. I asked if there was another flight. Heading to Miami because our cruise ship leaves in the morning. They told us that they did not have a flight to Miami until the following morning which was unacceptable to me the attendant then told us that they can get us to Orlando Florida, but we would have to find our own way to Miami Florida. In the meantime I ask where is our luggage? well, unfortunately our luggage made the flight. So with that being said, our luggage was headed to Miami Florida and we were still in Baltimore Maryland. So long story short, we had hotel reservations in Miami Florida that I had to pay $104 to cancel we had to find our own way from Orlando Florida to Miami Florida which was by a rental car and that cost us $1100 plus the cost of gas Which was $80 plus the cost of parking at the garage at the cruise terminal which cost us $66. I have taken pictures of receipts. I have faxed them in. I have emailed them and the only response I get from Southwest is $150 voucher which is unacceptable to me.. 

if this was my fault, I would take the blame, but it is not my fault. I should not be out of these extra phones because the flight was late and because they oversold and overbooked the flight from Baltimore Maryland to Miami Florida. I have patiently waited. I have called I have emailed and I have still gotten nowhere. This is unacceptable. 

I would truly like someone to reach out to me. 


Re: How do we get reimbursement?

Aviator A

You did not state the reason for the delayed flight which is going to make a very big difference in whether there will be any compensation for the delay and resulting expenses. Without a reason for the delay you aren't going to be able to pursue this further. Also, this might not have been an oversell situation if you showed up late, past the boarding deadline. The seats may have been given to standby passengers when it appeared you were not going to be taking the flight. Your best bet in situations like this is travel insurance or utilizing the trip delay coverage provided by many credit cards. Assuming you did not purchase travel insurance I would look into any coverage provided by your credit card if you used one to pay for the flights.