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I just traveled on southwest.  I attempted to watch movies but was unable to do so the wifi kept saying I needed to download a app.  Now that I'm at home I've attempted to locate the app and haven't been able to.  This is for free movies.  Does anyone have any idea what I should do before I travel again in two weeks?


Re: InFlight Movies

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You need to have the Southwest app! See more here.


I assume you were trying to watch on a tablet? You can install the tablet version of the app. I also think that the app “Airtime Player” is an alternative as well. 


Note that hat the app can be a little buggy (in my experience) when it comes to movies. If you are having issues, force close the app and try again. 

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Re: InFlight Movies

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You could also try to download the airtime player I find it easier than the Southwest app for movies and has worked just fine for me