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Letter of delay confirmation

Explorer C

Hi there, I am seeking help. Did anyone get an experience for getting a letter of delay confirmation? 
My flight was delayed for the next day due to the weather issue, it couldn’t land even the flight actually took off. 
I need a confirmation letter from southwest to comfirm the flight was delayed due to the flight issue to the weather for my travel insurance claim. 
- Jun 12: I called them, they said will receive refund and letter within 48 hours. 
- Jun 15: didn’t received any refund or email, so I called again. They said will escalated. 
-Jun 18: I received a standard email and  a gift voucher, but I don’t received any other replies which I really need (my confirmation letter)

Jun 21: I called again, they didn’t do anything, said will need to wait for corporate office to reply. 

the whole thing is very frustrating. I just need a letter. But the customer service seems like they never heard of it. 

does anyone have any contact that I can escalate this case? Or what’s the easiest way to get the letter. I’ll need to submit the insurance claim within 10 days. 


Re: Letter of delay confirmation

Aviator A

It can take 30 days for customer relations to respond

also it can take 30 days for a refund to show up on your card 


maybe file the claim anyways and let them say we need more info that way you at least started the process on time


 you could also reach out to southwest on Facebook or Twitter DM and maybe they can assist. 

Re: Letter of delay confirmation

Aviator A

Does the notice of delay have to come from Southwest? There are numerous sites that provide historical flight information which would show actual flight times. You could try providing that information and see if it is accepted while you wait for Southwest.