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Lost and Found help

Explorer C

Lost an item while on the plane. We were the last group to get off the plane because we were in the rear of the cabin. I filed a lost and found report the very next morning, along with calling the airline and airport. I got jerked around the airport and the only thing the airline could tell me was to file the report online.


Is there any advice or help y'all could give me. I'm just looking to get it back. it was an expensive item and unless the last 2 people or the flight attendants stole it, it was left on the plane. with the attendants doing their search as they left I would have expected it to be reported the next morning or delivered to there central lost and found hub within a few days. its been over 2 weeks and I haven't heard anything about it at all. Not even a "we are still looking" after the primary one they send you. I don't even know how to look up my claim to see if they're still looking into it.


Those flights were awful, several cancels and even more delays. out of the most terrible experience I've had with an airline id just like to know more about my claim and, if at all possible, get my lost item back.


Re: Lost and Found help

Aviator A

@dannyjs95 wrote:



It is not likely that anyone "stole" your item. It was probably removed from the plane as a found item and shipped to Alabama for disposition.


Southwest has a defined found item procedure. All found items are shipped to a central location in Alabama. At that location an attempt is made to match found items with those reported lost. The process can take up to 30 days. Lots of found items are returned. Some are not. 


The lost item reports that include the most detailed information about the lost item produce the best likelihood that the item will be returned.


Oh, the airport employees did not "jerk you around."  The could not tell you what they did not know.

Re: Lost and Found help

Explorer C

My lost cell phone took about two weeks to get back even though I knew exactly on the plane where it was left but I did get it as they said I probably would. They have a process that it has to go through before being returned.