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Lost my passport

Explorer C



This is Vineesha. I have travelled from Kansas International Airport to Denver Airport on 11/21/2019 (2426 - Flight Number.) I forgot my passport in the front seat pocket, I filed a report with Southwest Lost and Found. But I didn't get any reply from Lost and Found team. I am a frequent traveller of SW and I couldn't even find Contact of Lost and found department.


I am really depressed with my current situation because I have only 30 days left to stay in US because I lost my passport. My husband is in a different visa and he can't come back to India . I have Student Visa stamp on my passport. Is there any way I can speak with Lost and Found team to expidite the process??


Re: Lost my passport

Adventurer A

Hi @VinniGirl,


That's a really tough situation. I'm so sorry. First steps - which you've probably already done - are reaching out to your consulate/embassy. They will be able to help you at least figure out your next steps. 


Unfortunately, items left behind on a plane are just very, very rarely found and returned. There are so many people moving in and out of an aircraft every single day, but once in a while all the right pieces do come together and items find their way back to their owners. But realistically, it's the exception, not the rule. I hope you're able to get a replacement passport and visa - truly sorry for the bummer situation.