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No Plane Change

Explorer C

I am wondering what the policy is around stops with no plane change. 


Tickets I have purchased have a stop, with no plane change, but looks like we will be at the gate for 50 minutes. 

Are there requirements to remain on the plane or get off of the plane?

Or permissible to get off of the plane - for restroom, etc?

Thank you!


Re: No Plane Change

Aviator A

There's no blanket answer since what can and cannot be accomplished depends on how much time there is.  Since boarding typically begins 30 minutes prior to departure, having a 50 minute layover should allow enough time for people to depart then come back on board.  BUT, factors such as the plane arriving late, crew changes, bad weather, expected extended boarding times, etc could have an affect on what is allowed.  Also keep in mind with a shorter time window you may or may not be able to reboard before the general boarding process begins and may end up boarding in the normal boarding process for the 2nd flight.



Re: No Plane Change

Aviator A

As mentioned by TheMiddleSeat this will depend on several factors one of the biggest factors will be if your plane is early/on time/Late. If your flight is early the ops agent may allow you to get off for a few to use the restroom or grab a snack. If you are on time or late they may ask you to remain on the plane. In my experience this decision has always been up to the ops agent who will be boarding the flight. If the ops agent allows you to get off the plane be sure to arrive back at the specified time as you will board first since you would have already been on the plane. 


My advice for stops with no plane change is to bring a snack with you and bring a drink with you that way if you can't get off the plane you at least have something to munch on. If you stay on the plane you can move seats once the thru count is done so if you checked in late and had a bad seat for the first leg you can move to the seat of your choice for the next flight. 


Another note aircraft swaps could happen if they swap your plane where you would stay on you would have to deplane and board a new plane you should still board first unless your first flight was late and they began boarding without you. 



Re: No Plane Change

Aviator A

My practice for one stop no plane changes is to expect NOT to get off. I hop up and use the restroom as soon as the local passengers are off the plane and try to be back in my seat before they start boarding for the next service.


-A List, Companion Pass holder