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Overall SW Experience

Explorer C

So sad to see what is happening to this airline.


I fly several times a month, use their Chase card for points, and I have gotten Companion Pass for the last three years and have nearly a million Southwest points.   Given SW lackluster customer service/experience over the last 24 months, I am flying United more frequently than ever!!   


I am very close to getting Companion Pass for 2025 so once I have earned CP for 2025 I will fly United whenever possible.   Fortunately for me, I live near two airports (O'Hare and Midway) and have choices!


For a company that used to offer the "best care in the air" frustrations are mounting with customers:

- Unreliable wifi

- Rude flight attendants

- Inability to speak with customer service reps without requesting a "call back".   Reminds me of American Airlines during COVID!  I haven't flown AA since!

- Speaking of customer service, try to find a phone number on Southwest website for customer service!?   Might as well just google it, it's way faster and more customer friendly.

- And now Southwest is going to charge even more for "early bird" boarding?   Really?   While that really doesn't affect me because I usually fly Business Select, it's just another example of how Southwest has "lost touch" with their customers.

- Just trying to post to this blog demonstrates their poor customer service/experience!   Why do I need to create another login??   Why can't I use my regular SW logins??


I will earn my companion pass for 2025 and then fly United for business and use my southwest points for free flights with the family and deal with the poor service.   And with a million points, I have a lot of free flights coming!


Very sad what has happened to this airline.  Clearly, there is a lack of leadership at the top.


Re: Overall SW Experience

Aviator A

If you are that unhappy with Southwest, why are you trying to get a companion  pass-- so both you and your companion can be msierable on flights???


Gimme a break. ....

Re: Overall SW Experience

Frequent Flyer A

Odd, as an A-List Preferred frequent flyer, there is the A-list 800# which is is quick and easy. Whenever I have to speak with some one, a person is on the phone almost immediately or with zero hold time.

If you call the standard 800# I can't even imagine how frustrating that would be.

Are you utilizing this benefit for Southwest frequent flyers?

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