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Regarding delayed flight/takeoff and lost luggage

Explorer C

Hi, I’m making a claim regarding my extremely delayed and disorganized flight to Cancun and my luggage going missing on my flight back to Baltimore. My bag was supposedly in Cancun for a week. From the day my luggage went missing to the day it was found, I received multiple voicemails stating that “my luggage was available for pick up”, which I knew was inaccurate because I called multiple times a day and received the same status. Then once I called back to inquire about a pick up I was told it was still in Cancun. From the time my luggage went missing to the time I finally picked it up was extremely frustrating due to the the lack of communication. The service representative weren’t able to answer basic questions or give any clear resolutions. I felt very hopeless throughout this entire process. Then when i received a call that my that my bag was truthfully ready for pickup, I only had 7 hours to pickup or else it was going to be sent to Dallas at a central baggage location. At the time I was in NY and had to cut my trip short sadly. I am simply requesting flight credits for the inconvenience because this entire situation has been amess.


Re: Regarding delayed flight/takeoff and lost luggage

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@Pearsonkobie81 wrote:


Sorry to hear that.


You are currently on a customer to customer forum, so you are not talking to SW here.


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