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Southwest Wi-Fi Doesn't Work

Aviator C

The Southwest wi-fi doesn't work.  I've tracked the times that I bought it and the times that I requested refunds.  Let's just say it would be an embarrassing statistic to post here.


I offered a valid solution to someone who came here as a Southwest employee (all smiles and happy thoughts) who failed to respond to my suggestion.  So, here it is.


Since the service is per device, any bandwidth usage that suggests very little or no use should be AUTOMATICALLY REFUNDED to the individual.  


The technology is already there to make this possible.  In the meantime, I will continue to request refunds.


Re: Southwest Wi-Fi Doesn't Work

Aviator A

I’m guessing even the few flights where the WiFi actually works your probably still requesting refunds under the excuse of its not the speed I get at home well at some point they will see all you do is complain and request refunds then they will stop refunding you for abuse of the system. Plenty of companies do it especially food delivery companies (DoorDash or Uber eats as an example) if you complain every time your food is cold eventually they ban you because your costing them more money than they make off of you so they end in the red so it’s easier to fire you so to speak so they stay in the green with real customers (I’ve heard of several people who this has happened to) this is just a general warning to you not me trying to pick a fight with you 


more importantly if you know the speed isn’t good or the WiFi is always down on your flights why waste the money in the first place? It’s more work to write a complaint to get a refund vs doing something that doesn’t require Wi-Fi for a few hours of your life. if you don’t like a company for any reason why do you give it your business? 

I am ALP and get the Wi-Fi for free and out of the last 42 flights I’ve taken only 2 have had issues with not working at all and 5 with slow or intermittent/spotty service. 

Re: Southwest Wi-Fi Doesn't Work

Aviator C

Thank you for your response - however - it has nothing to do with my post.  If the wi-fi shows very little bandwidth, why not just refund the customer?


Smiles and Happy Thoughts