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What do you love about Southwest Airlines?


Whether you're a first-time flyer or a loyal Customer, there are so many things to love about
Southwest! Sound off some of your favorite things about the love airline.


Re: What do you love about Southwest Airlines?

Explorer A

I'm really drawn to the warm, welcoming vibe of Southwest Airlines. Every time I fly with them, I feel comfortable asking for things like a seatbelt extender, and it's clear they prioritize my safety without making a big deal out of it.


The crew is always friendly, and their sense of humor does wonders for my nerves, making the whole experience much more enjoyable. 


I'm excited to fly again in a few weeks! 

Re: What do you love about Southwest Airlines?

Aviator A

Fun staff, companion pass, no change fees, and two free checked bags!



Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: What do you love about Southwest Airlines?

Aviator C

I'm celebrating that the gate agents are following the rules at MCO including, but not limited to:


  • FAMILY BOARDING (child assist)


Many thanks.

Re: What do you love about Southwest Airlines?

Aviator A

1. 2 Free checked bags 

2. No silly basic economy (and no you must pay extra to use your status benefits) and no must spend X thousands of dollars to get a status on top of flights

3. No change fees 

4. ability to get fare difference back as travel fund if price goes down 

5. points that don’t expire (for folks don’t travel much)

6. no restrictions on award travel and no fees to use points 

7. The ability to sit in any open seat I want

8. a mostly fun and friendly staff 

9. Travel funds that don’t expire and ability to transfer funds when needed (thanks WGA+)

10. an inclusive policy for customers of size so everyone can be comfortable on the flight 

Re: What do you love about Southwest Airlines?

Aviator C

Wow...Where do I begin?


First, I echo what everybody else mentioned. Agree 100%. SW's unique business model makes it stand out from the competition.




One of my personal hobbies involves me taking day trips to various places and letting somebody take me there: Go in early in the morning, relax for the ride up, spend the day there, and come back in the late afternoon or evening. In the picture above, I'm boarding a local regional train bound to downtown Los Angeles. For the longest time, I've always loved taking train and bus rides aboard SoCal's local regional rail system, the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner, and numerous regional and inter-city bus routes. SoCalFlyer97 not only likes to go to places; he tries to make most of the journey to/from too!


Yes, driving is would have been much quicker than taking buses and trains but I would then miss out in the opportunities gifted to me during the journey to/from while I battled hectic and congested freeways.




Back in 2021, my job required me to make periodic business trips to my company's production plant in Tijuana Mexico; thus I got Global Entry so I can cross back into the USA quickly via the SENTRI pedestrian lane. With short waits at the border coming home, that meant I could do day trips down south and not have to spend the night in Mexico during my daylong business trips there.


20231103_062241 EDIT.jpg


Global Entry also includes TSA PreCheck, and I wanted to see if I could take advantage of any new day-trip opportunities with this benefit via the airline industry.




The following year, when I found out that Southwest offered multiple hour-long departures daily from SoCal to destinations in Northern California, Vegas and Phoenix from early morning 'til late night, I learned there was a possibility to complete day trips to these destinations both for work and pleasure via the LUV airline for affordable rates that I could not find anywhere else:










Combine that with having Global Entry to get through TSA quickly and with plentiful public transit options to feed me from a suburban park & ride lot into my primary airport at SAN (or decent 24-hour parking rates at my convenience airport at ONT), I saw new opportunities thanks to Southwest for both work and play.




I would have to say that my short-haul day trips that I post throughout this forum would not be possible on any other carrier.