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Let me start by saying I fly a lot and I am big Southwest fan.  I have had a companion pass the last 5 years I believe and I have been A-list Preferred for longer.  The biggest issue I have with Southwest is the Wifi!  The performance is extremely poor and the inconsistant.  So much so that I typically do not even use the wifi, becasue it is a waist of time and frustating (can you say dial up!!). 


I was thinking this was just the nature of wifi in the air but I recently flew another airline and my experience was dramatically different.  The other airline's wifi performance seemed to be lightyears faster then Southwest and they actually let me stream Netflix!  While on my last two Southwest  flights the wifi did not even work..


This is a big miss by Soutwest.  I truly hope that the powers that be at Southwest realize how most of us frequent travelers are business travelers.  We are looking to be able to be productive, or distracted, on flights.  Inconsistancy and poor performance of the wifi is big issue and it needs to be address.


The bottomline is that in the modern area a consistant and performant wifi experience is a requirement for air travel services.  This one area where Southwest is behind.  I hope this gets remedied quickly!!




Re: Wifi

Aviator A

I feel you! And I agree. 


Several months ago, I had several flights over several weeks where it did not work. It had gotten really bad — bad enough that I didn’t feel it should be a published ALP benefit. Maybe I just had bad luck? Not sure. 


Either way, my experience has largely improved, but it is indeed slow. The Max aircraft always seemed faster to me, bit we all know about those! 🙂

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Wifi

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@abw92656 (and anyone else with similar thoughts/experiences) are you able to send your feedback to the Southwest Customer Relations team?  Most of us here are other customers so it might take a while for your comment to get noticed with someone from Southwest.


Twitter (@Southwestair), phone (1-855-234-4654) and email are all options (email contact method is included as an option here).



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