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Windows Laptop and Movies

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Will a Windows laptop play movies in the browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) or is a device with the iOS or Android App required to play movies?  My question pertains only to movies, not connecting to WiFi or watching Live TV.


I understand that Southwest states:

"For the best possible onboard experience, download the Southwest app before your flight so you can access movies and TV series content.


Here’s a complete list of supported devices:

Laptops and Macs
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher; OSX 10.9 or higher Browser: Internet Explorer 10 or higher; Firefox version 47 or higher; Google Chrome version 51 or higher, Safari version 9 or higher

iOS Mobile and Tablets
Operating System: iOS 11 and above

Android Mobile and Tablets
Operating System: Android 6.0 and above"


It is unclear if the above requirments are to connect to WiFi or to play movies, thus the question.  


Thank you!


Re: Windows Laptop and Movies

Top Contributor

You are required to access SW WiFI in order to access movies or any other IFE