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Re: drink coupons vs. wifi connectivity

Explorer C

I love this idea I have suggested it as well via the Twitter channel before.  I rarely use drink coupons and give them away. 

Re: drink coupons vs. wifi connectivity

Explorer C

This is a great idea. I'm sitting on 12 or 16 free drink coupons right now. The only value I realize from them is happy seat mates who are the beneficiaries of a free drink. I am an A-List and will most likely miss A-List Preferred, and free internet access, by 5 or so trips. Being able to use the coupon for free Internet access is more desirable to me and will make me appreciate Southwest's frequent flyer recognition.

Re: drink coupons vs. wifi connectivity

Explorer A

I have missed A List preferred the past 2 years by a couple flights and that is the one thing I miss is the free WiFi.  My flights are usually short hops so it is not worth the price to buy the internet but when I had it for free for a couple of years, it was a nice plus.

Re: drink coupons vs. wifi connectivity

Explorer B

I'm not sure how this would work, but I like the idea.  It is a rare time I fly with a drink coupon that I would actually use it since I can't have most drinks it covers or would rather not have them that time of day (7:00 AM flight and wine rarely mix for me).  It would be nice to be able to use it instead for something I could benefit from such as WiFi.


For my upcoming flight in a few days, I do have a voucher for a free movie I intend to use.  Maybe instead of WiFi, the drink coupons could be used for a movie instead?  Might be a bit easier for Southwest to manage and, for myself at least, just as good.

Re: drink coupons vs. wifi connectivity

Explorer C

I agree totally. With alcohol addiction a big problem in this country, moreso since the Covid restrictions, that should be an option. Not to mention increased belligerence on airplanes, where alcohol consumption is often a factor.  Why encourage it needlessly?

This is a big PR opportunity for the company. it would cost them nothing and show that leadership is out in front. 

Re: drink coupons vs. wifi connectivity

Aviator A

@sayazop wrote:

I use the drink coupons because I get them, but would rather have the discounted Wi-Fi. 

You could contact SW to make that suggestion.


Click on contact us below to do so.