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still no refund!

Explorer C

Have spent 40 + hours on hold and talking with customer relations. Southwest Canceled my flight due to technical glitch, stranded me in the Phoenix Aurport ( no hotel) for several DAYS!!! As there were no other flights. 

I keep being told my refund was approved but have not received a dime !  its been over 30 business days!!!! I get dismissed by customer relations each time by saying "check back in 48 hours"  I NEED that money as I had to buy an  extremely expensive last minute ticket on another airline.  Who has a valid phone number , contact name for someone that can give a real answer and make something happen immediately at southwest ? Please help

Customer relations is no help at all neither is filing a complaint with Federal Dept of Transportation. 



Re: still no refund!

Aviator A

Technical glitch? Sounds awful to be stranded for days on end. There are plenty of options if you click the big "Contact Us" link below.


Here it is: 


Social media (FB, Twitter) tends to yield a faster response than trying to call. 



Re: still no refund!

Aviator A

You can call customer relations at 855-234-4654, but be patient as lots of people are calling over the recent spate of rescheduling and cancellations


When you get someone, if you hear the standard "wait 48 hours, " ask to talk with a supervisor,

be prepared to document the number of times   times you've tried to get this resolved.


As far as the DOT complaint goes, you are dealing with the government. It moves with the speed of a glacier when the temperature is 10 below zero.

Re: still no refund!

Aviator C

+1 to everything said above. The airline is getting a ton of messages so responses are going to be almost as slow as gov't too.

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