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Business class with companion

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Hi! I travel with my husband. (I'm on the companion pass). We've always previously booked wanna get away? fares, but now that we travel frequently on business, sometimes it's a better deal to book business select, we're discovering. My question is, if he books a Business Select fare and then adds me as the companion, will I also get boarding group A1-15 automatically for my companion ticket? or will I be separate based on check-in time (unless I purchase early bird check-in)?


Re: Business class with companion

Rising Star

"The Member and the Companion must board with their assigned group(s)."


"For A-List and A-List Preferred Members who have also qualified for a Companion Pass, reserved boarding privileges will not be provided to the Companion unless the Companion is also an A-List or A-List Preferred Member."

Re: Business class with companion

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It will be separate check-ins just as before, the companion doesn't automatically get Business Select unfortunately. If you wanted to purchase Early Bird you could do that. (Assuming your husband also has A-list status.)


Early Bird would be similar to boarding position that you had before, it won't be in the A1-A15 group, it will be just after the A-list assignments.


My wife and I used to do this. Now we have a baby so we go for Family Boarding instead of Early Bird for her.




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