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I am wondering if there is any way to respond to the customer service representative who helped with your request. I went through the contact us forum and I have an odd situation. I got married last year but I have not updated my passport yet and my rapid rewards account was under my updated married name. However my passport is still in my old name and I recently booked a one way flight to Mexico for June using the name on my passport and I wanted to get the points for that flight and the person who responded said I needed to put in another submission with my old ID and new ID. So I did that and it went to eight different customer service representatives and the original one I had and they did add my points to my account, But they also changed my name on my account which I did not request. And I am also surprised because you can clearly tell that the ID that has my old name is not only expired but also void because of a hole punch in it So I am wondering if I should just wait until after my trip (I  booked a one-way ticket there and back) to go through the process of changing my name on my account again or if there is any way to contact the specific customer service representative who changed my name so that I can explain the situation and not have to submit another request explaining everything from the beginning each time.


Re: Contact Representative

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There may be notes on your account that will make it easier to discuss with a representative, but it is doubtful you will be able to get the same one you worked with before.