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Re: Drink Coupons

Explorer C

I have flown over 10 one way flights could I please recieve drink coupons

Re: Drink Coupons

Aviator A



are you a rapid rewards member? If so check the settings on your rapid rewards account to make sure the get coupons is on. If you need help finding that please let me know. 


if you are not a member of the rapid rewards program be sure to sign up and every 10 paid one way flights you can get drink coupons 


hope this helps


Re: Drink Coupons

Explorer C

How do I turn on the option to receive drink coupons in my account?

Re: Drink Coupons

Aviator A

It should be "on" by default. To check:


How to check if you are Opted-in:


Log In. Click on My Account. Under My Preferences, click on Travel. In the upper right corner of that box, click on Extras. If you're "opted-in" it will look like the pic below. Otherwise, edit to change.


Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 3.13.15 PM.png



Re: Drink Coupons

Explorer A

Hi Brie,


Drink Coupons are a benefit of the Rapid Rewards that members earn after 10 one way or 5 round trip flights.


Please sign up for Rapid Rewards if you haven't already and make sure you include your RR number when booking your flights.


After you take the flights SWA will mail you 4 coupons valid for one year.

Re: Drink Coupons

Frequent Flyer C

Thanks @tigereye! I'm signed up and use my RR # but still haven't gotten any coupons? Do I need to verify that I'm +21 or something? 

Re: Drink Coupons

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You may need to call Rapid Rewards because when you signed up there was a box you needed to

Check that says that you do want to receive them.  They just don't send them. 

Re: Drink Coupons

Explorer C

I have been a RR member for years, flown  exclusively through SW for business and pleasure trips, and still have never received drink coupons. Do I have to request them?

Re: Drink Coupons

Retired Community Manager

Hi @Elfandstrom91, 


We send Drink Coupons out after the completion of 10 one-way (or 5 roundtrip) revenue flights. So, Companion flights and flights booked with Rapid Rewards Points don't count. Make sure that you have checked the box in your account that says "I want to receive Drink Coupons."


Happy Traveling!


Re: Drink Coupons

Explorer B

You guys should consider free WiFi coupons for those customers of your who may not drink or are recovering alocholics.