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Gift card question

Explorer C

So I purchased a gift card back in June when they had that 50 points per dollar spent on southwest special for one day. Haven’t thought much of it until now when I want to book a flight. I have my email receipt, but don’t have any emails with the gift card. 

has this happened to anyone else? I know gift cards are not replaceable. Is this even worth reaching out to customer service about?


Re: Gift card question


@Swasd Apologies that you didn't receive your gift card! I recommend checking your SPAM/Junk email folder for June to see if it ended up in there. If not, I've sent you a direct message with additional information. Thanks!


Community Manager

Re: Gift card question

Explorer C

Same thing happened to me.  On June 11th we purchased a $100 gift card and the email cannot be found. Have searched Spam, Trash, etc. I have a credit card receipt from SW on that date. We were buying SW tickets yesterday and thought that we had the gift card in the account but it's not there. Please help.