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HULU on Southwest Shopping

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Hi everyone,


This blog has worked well for me in the past month so I thought I' ask another question. I have a Hulu Subscription already, and I noticed that HULU in included in the Southwest Shopping Portal.


However, I noticed that it says that it is only valid on "new HULU and HULU live Subscriptions". Does this mean, then, that since I already have a subscription, I cannot get the extra points (in this case 1,100) by switching my subscription to HULU with Live tv instead of the subscription that I already am enrolled in??


I'm not sure if anyone would have an answer for this, but I thought I'd give it a shot and see!




Re: HULU on Southwest Shopping

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I would assume the answer to be yes given that “new” language, BUT I would imagine you could get around it by creating a new Hulu account with a different email address. 


The downside would be losing your watch history and preferences. 

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Re: HULU on Southwest Shopping

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I'm guessing you could cancel and reinstate the subscription through the link especially if you got hulu live and you don't have it now but a different account is probably the safe way to go! Additionally the offer states that if you use Safari as a browser you will not be credited the points due to tracking issues so remember that tip if you do it!