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Hotel loyalty program honored when booking through Southwest??

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Quick question - if I book a hotel through southwest, will I still receive benefits and points from any hotel loyalty programs I'm a part of.


Just a bit of context on why I am asking...I would like to book a stay with a Hyatt property through Southwest in order to fast track companion status and just want to check if I would (1) still have my Globalist benefits honored and (2) gett Hyatt points as well.




Re: Hotel loyalty program honored when booking through Southwest??

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I think in general #1 would be yes, although one exception for example is that Hilton offers free wifi to Honors members that direct book. 


So something like that might not come with the room where it would if you booked directly. But then if you get wifi as a Gold or Diamond member, you'd still get it anyway by logging into your account.  Edit: feedback seems to be mixed on this one, some chains will still respect your status even while they don't add qualifying stays or points, others may not.


So if your Hyatt status level includes perks, I think those would still apply unless they say specifically only for direct booking.


Edit:  NOPE At least with the rental cars it counts both Southwest and their own loyalty - they do want you back to them whether through Southwest or not in the future - and they may add a surcharge for the Southwest points so they aren't losing money on the deal anyway to award points in both systems, I expect Hyatt would be similar.


But in a nutshell for a definitive answer, call the hotel directly and ask them about the points and perks.




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Re: Hotel loyalty program honored when booking through Southwest??

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By booking your hotel through southwest you are booking through a 3rd party and most hotel chains will not give you points or stay/night credit by booking through a 3rd party like southwest or 


now benefits being honored at the hotels that will depend on the hotel if you were to book on southwest call the hotel and add the Hyatt number before you arrive at the hotel that way when you check in the person st the desk will over look the 3rd party details. I have status with several hotel chains including Hyatt and when I have booked through 3rd parties I have received the benefits at the hotel like breakfast or lounge access and suite upgrades but usually don't get the points for the stay or night credit. 


I always recommend booking directly with the hotel if points and status with hotel chains is important to you and I always compare rates to see if I can find a better rate on a 3rd party website so if I do I can file a BRG claim which usually means a price match and a better discount or more miles (depending on hotel chains policy) and you get the hotel status benefits. If the points don't matter then sure book with southwest hotels to get points with southwest instead. 


If you have any further questions about this feel free to let me know. 


hope this helps 


Re: Hotel loyalty program honored when booking through Southwest??

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I totally understand your concern!  As a Hilton Diamond member, I always want to ensure that I will received my benefits and -- more importantly -- points for my stay.


I always assume that if you don't book direct, you don't get the benefits.  But I know there are exceptions (such as booking with Concur).  Also, you can earn SW points for hotel bookings; I doubt you would be able to "double dip."


I am making assumptions here, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.

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