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Lost luggage

Explorer C

My family and I left our home in Indianapolis, IN on Thursday, December 22nd at 2:40pm.  We did take off within an hour of our originally scheduled flight.  We landed in BWI within 30 minutes of our originally scheduled landing.  Our flight was delayed, delayed, delayed, and then finally canceled at 2am on December 23rd.  We got another flight from BWI to PBI and flew through long Island, NY. We slept - kind of - in the airport for a few hours until our next flight.


When we landed around 12:45pm on December 23rd, our bags were not on board.  We reported our bags missing.  We gave the Southwest bag agent our address for the week.  We were told that our bags should be in sometime that day and they would deliver them to us.  


No bags on Friday.  We called Saturday, December 24th and were told that two (2) bags made it to FLL.  We went and only one bag made it, which we took.  My wife and daughter's bags were not there.  No bags the rest of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  It is now December 26th and still no bags for my wife and daughter.


No call or communications from Southwest at all.


I used to like flying Southwest.  This is the worst travel experience of my life.  I have been traveling for work for over 20 years and never experienced this in my life.


I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service at Southwest.  What happened to you Southwest?


Re: Lost luggage

Aviator A

Lots of problems getting bags to the right places due to all the cancelations and changes. Unfortunately, you'll need to be patient and wait while it all gets sorted out. 



Re: Lost luggage

Explorer C

While I do agree that we need to remain patient, the lack of communication and appropriate customer service systems is very frustrating.  If we run Desert Shield and Storm the way SWA has run their airline in the last week, I would be dead.