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Maximizing Chase Action Bonus Points: Waiting Patiently

Explorer C

I recently earned some Chase Action Bonus Points and I've been eagerly waiting for them to be posted to my account. I know these points can be valuable for my upcoming travel plans. However, the waiting game is making me a bit impatient!For those of you who have experience with Chase Action Bonus Points, how long did it take for your points to be posted after completing the required actions? Is there a general timeframe I should expect?

Re: Maximizing Chase Action Bonus Points: Waiting Patiently

Frequent Flyer A

I just had some points post to my account on the 28th, but for the life of me I could not tell you exactly when or how I earned them? There is no real explanation, just a new line item in my Rapid Rewards points activity. I believe Chase could do a better job of providing supporting data( an email maybe?), but that's a Chase issue.

Hope you receive your points soon.

Re: Maximizing Chase Action Bonus Points: Waiting Patiently

Adventurer C

Chase likes to typically take what they purport as eight weeks after the promotion closes to put the earned points into your account.  In reality they mean two months.  For example the 20% bonus points on spending promotion ran from 3/1/2023 - 6/30/2023.  I received my bonus points from this promotion on Monday August 28th.  Eight weeks after the end of the promotion was 8/25/2023 (which is what Chase stated as the date the awards points would post in the fine print of the promotion).