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Name Change

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Good Afternoon,

What are the steps to change my last name due to marriage on Rapid Rewards account?



Re: Name Change

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I need to change my last name due to marriage.

Re: Name Change

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You'll need to contact sutomer service. You may need to provide a copy of your marriage license.

The ways to contact the organiztion are lited on the top left of the airline's contct us webpage.


If you've enrolled in TSA pre, you'll also need to contact TSA. No need if you haven't enrolled.


Remember that the name on your drivers license must match the name on the flight reservation. So If you have a flight in the near future (in your maiden name) and you have not yet changed your drivers license name, it might be easier to complete that flight and then do the name change.


Congrats on your marriage!

Re: Name Change

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I contacted Southwest Airlines via Facebook Messenger and they were able to make the changes to my SW account in under 5 minutes - thanks Southwest! 

Re: Name Change

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Their social media support team is awesome!

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