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Password Reset

Explorer C

I have tried to log in as well as reset my password several times over the last 3 days. I never receive the link to reset and none of the passwords I would use will work. It does not surprise me given they should be depositing 25k RR points into my account. I guess they do not really want anyone to use them. I don't know. Sure enough, I got the link to verify my email for getting access to this community though! What gives??? 


Re: Password Reset

Aviator A

The account management for this community is completely separate than your Southwest RR account.  If you are unable to reset your password via the self service options you will need to call Southwest.  Lack of a password would not prevent the email with the code(s) for RR points from getting to you.  Do you get flight confirmation emails?  Perhaps you have an alternate email account associated with your RR account and that's where the resets are going to?  Just an idea, good luck.