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Pre-Boarding "Attendant" Question

Explorer C


     So, I have a question regarding pre-boarding. Does anyone know if there is a restriction on where I sit on the plane if I am helping someone who is pre-boarding? 

I have someone on my flight tomorrow morning that has a scooter and needs help with their luggage. After I help them put the stuff in the overhead bin, am I allowed to sit anywhere (including the exit row) since I am technically not a pre-boarder but considered an "Attendant"?

I'm not sure if anyone know the answer or not, but any help would be appreciated! 

Thanks so much!


Re: Pre-Boarding "Attendant" Question

Frequent Flyer C

Any time you board during the preboarding group - whether you are the one who needs assistance or you are the one providing assistance - you are NOT permitted to sit in the exit row.  

Re: Pre-Boarding "Attendant" Question

Explorer C

Thanks! That's what I thought, but just wanted to make sure!