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Explorer C


  I registered for a promotion yesterday for my flight before I booked it so I could take advantage of the promotion. I never received an email confirmation and I’m currently on my 2nd flight and don’t want to miss out on the benefits of that promotion. Can someone help me with this?


Re: Promotions

Aviator B

Log into your Rapid Reward Account. On your account home page on the left side you should see "Promotions"  click on that and you should see listed Exclusive promotions that you have registered for.  If you do not try to reach out on Twitter or Facebook 

Re: Promotions

Aviator A

What was the promotion? Most of the time you have to register for the promotion before purchasing the flight. It sounds like you had already purchased the flight and registered right before you went on the flight, this would usually not count so make sure you read the fine print.