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Rapid Rewards is Down for Maintenance

Explorer C

How is it that the Rapid Rewards site is down for maintenance for an entire week? 

I've been in the I.T. business for 30 years and have never seen a site down for an 'upgrade' while not have the old site up. 

I need to book a hotel using points but that is not an option right now!😤

Spoke with several different agents and they are unsure and do not have an ETA for it to be back up???😡


SWA RR Site.jpg


Re: Rapid Rewards is Down for Maintenance

Aviator A

Rapid Rewards is not down, the 3rd party company More Rewards is.

More Rewards Contact & FAQs 

Since Southwest does not control the More Rewards company Southwest does not know when/if the outage will be resolved.



Re: Rapid Rewards is Down for Maintenance

Aviator A

Well, Southwest does actually have some control over More Rewards. (I suspect the reason the site is down is at their direction.)


See my post here.