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SW Cancelled my flight not refund

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So I had a balance of point of 33,000+ I wanted to use those to buy my family a trip I was short on a few of them so I thought I could pay the difference in cash but it was not allowed. They says I had to use A third party company. Since they cancel my flight a day prior I had already expend so much money getting ready to travel the date it was supposed I had to book tickets with SPirit. Since SW rebooked my flight 4 days after. Which didn’t work for me. The funny things is that SW allows a third company to do the sales of point but they don’t allow us to get a refund through them. This is a win win situation for both and a scam to customer. They are supposed to refund your money if they cancel your flight that’s why they don’t allowed me to paid the difference in cash. Now I’m stock with a bunch on points  that I not longer need or will use and a whopping $484 short on my pocket just because they cancel the flight. All of this in the middle of a pandemic. Shame on you SW. You greedy services speak levels. You rebook my flight but you are not  covering all the extra expenses customer has to go after you do that? Right.  Then why you don’t allows to get our  the money back? I don’t want the points or  do I need them. I need to get my money back I already had to buy tickets with other companies thanks to SW failing us. What is the use of point if I can’t use it to put food on my table. After I had to and expend extra money. You canceled  the flight due to be greasy and waiting to make more money. I should be able to get my money back. SW only want to secure the  sales  they don’t care aBout their customers. 


Re: SW Cancelled my flight not refund

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This helps explain the situation better - next time book one-way tickets to use up the points and then you would have been able to buy the last one or two one-way tickets with cash. 

By splitting up the tickets you can use different payment where you can’t make one booking combining points and cash.



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Re: SW Cancelled my flight not refund

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Painful lesson, but hopefully others can learn from you mistake...Don't buy points!


You paid $484 for 32,000 points.  A flight that "costs" 32,000 points would cost you much less than $484 to buy with cash.


As @DancingDavidE said, if you have a limited number of points then find a way to split up your reservation, even if that means booking a one way flight for one person with points and paying cash for the remaining members of the party.


I seriously cringe every time I see an email promoting buying points because someone always fails to understand buying points is not a good deal.  Regarding the refund, buying points is essentially like buying a gift card, you can't get a refund for the gift card either.  Thankfully your points will never expire and you can use them to purchase flights for yourself or anyone else.