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SW Chase Card deceptive on SW website

Explorer C

After a couple of days, at least two hours and several emails, I am so frustrated now, that I just cancelled the card.


When I purchased a SW ticket a few weeks ago, the website presented the Chase CC offer. 40,000 points and a $200 credit on my first statement. I got the credit, but the point offer dropped to 10,000. I contacted Chase - numerous times - and finally learned that I can "re-apply" for the 40,000 points when I meet the spending requirement, which is absurd. It should be automatic.


But more importantly, if I reapply for the ORIGINAL offer of 40,000 points, I lose the $200 credit and the amount will go back on my credit card. Seriously? How misleading and deceptive. (And Chase asked for an "email code" of the original offer, which of course doesn't exist. The offer is on the SW website.)


And Chase charges $69 to have to deal with this idiocy. I just called, cancelled the card, requested a refund of the annual fee, which I was told I would get. We'll see.  In the meantime, this has really soured me on Southwest, which has a reputation for such fabulous customer service.


Re: SW Chase Card deceptive on SW website

Aviator A

It sounds like there was some disconnect with the link on the SW site and Chase's site.  When you applied for the credit card, did you receive an email confirmation?  I am thinking that email might have some of the detail you are looking for regarding the terms of the card you applied for.


I am also thrown off by the 10k point thing.  I have never heard of an offer of less than 40k RR points for a new credit card. 


Unfortunately, I believe that Chase is going to have to be the one to resolve this situation since they issue the card, but you might want to reach out to SW via one of the options at the Contact Us link below.


Good luck!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: SW Chase Card deceptive on SW website

Aviator A

I've repeated this many, many times:


There are often multiple Chase offers for the Southwest card(s). The offer you will receive is the one through which you click when you apply. Not the one you saw the other day. Not the one you heard about. Not the one a friend mentioned.


On the Southwest website, the standing offer is 10,000 points plus a $200 statement credit. This is currently the only offer that includes a statement credit as a sign-up bonus.


Elsewhere, there are multiple offers of 40,000-80,000 points, depending on card.


You cannot get both offers on the same card. (You cannot get the $200 statement credit plus 40,000 points.) There is not now nor has there ever been an offer of $200 statement credit plus 40,000 points. 


People sometimes see both offers and combine them in their mind.


You receive the offer that is shown when you click the apply button.


It's a good idea to always take and keep screenshots of the specific offer you are applying for, and each page of the application process.